10 New Clients – Client Acquisition Programme


10 New Clients – Client Acquisition Programme


10 New Clients is a online sales training programme that enables participants to create a pro-active sales campaign in which they engage with and acquire their perfect clients and advocates.

Apart from the obvious advantages this targeted approach has over traditional marketing, there is the added benefit that no one else is
talking to those you engage with.

This is not just a training course, it’s a step by step guide to building and implementing a client acquisition sales campaign.

Delivered online the course is structured to enable participants to work at their own pace and engage with the trainer through the chat-box to
the degree they feel is necessary.

There are no scripts or techniques to learn, instead we develop a new awareness with easily applied processes that bring about a
transformation in the participants relationship to client acquisition.

You will learn

  • Employing The Pro-Active Advantage
  • The difference between Sales and Marketing
  • Employing The Reductive Approach
  •  Step-by-step guide to creating a Pro-Active Sales Campaign
  •  Creating Personalised Outreach Sales Templates
  • The Reluctant Salesman ‘No-Stress Call Process’ – Not cold-calling!
  •  Mastery of ‘Positive Networking’
  •  The Networking Do’s and Don’ts
  • Online Networking skills
    …and much more


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