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You’ve probably done a few sales courses in that time but business has changed and sales practices have simply not kept up. We offer a new toolbox to work from, with an approach more in keeping with modern business

This material was designed for you, we have spent over 2 decades showing people just like you how simple selling can be.

We get this a lot and if I’m honest it’s simply because it sounds better than The Reluctant Salesperson. I think people understand we are working against a male stereotype that attaches to anyone who needs to sell regardless of gender.

Very much so, over 60% of our clients are professional service providers.
Each programme is CPD accredited. See course details.

All of our online and open programmes are delivered at a fixed price which is clearly indicated.For our in-house programme we give a no obligation quotation once we have a better idea of what is required.

Our online courses cannot be cancelled once accessed but our In-House training and Our Sales Mastery programmes can be cancelled up to 10 days prior to commencement.