Power of Authenticity © Online Learning Course
£ 249.00

A New Way to Sell From the Reluctant Saleman

If you think that a traditional sales approach isn't appropriate for you or your sector, or if the idea of selling to clients just makes you feel uncomfortable, you now have a powerful alternative.

The Power of Authenticity is a sales approach designed for financial, technical and creative professionals who need to sell to clients but don't want to be seen as a 'salesperson'. The transformational online course has everything you need to create ease in your client sales conversations.

About the course

Breakthrough Approach to selling

The Power of Authenticity© is an online training programme that provides a breakthrough approach to selling for professional service providers. 

Selling hasn’t really changed that much in decades; but clients have. The methods that most sales people still employ now seems obvious and  inappropriate to well-informed clients looking for professional help. This programme has provided a proven alternative to the old persuasion based model for over a decade and now it’s available online.

Price: £249.00

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What You Will learn?

Here are just a few of the things you will learn in this exciting programme: 

  • The secret of getting to trust in one meeting.
  • The only way to create a real distinction in a sales meeting.
  • The Four Keys to Sales Freedom© and how to apply them.
  • How to discuss fees and prices with ease.
  • How to be Chosen and the advantage gained.
  • The most powerful time management tool available … and much more. 

The Power of  Authenticity© Online Programme Includes:

An Alternative Approach to Selling for Greater Sales Success

The Power of Authenticity© has been proven to work for all sectors and at all levels including sales teams looking for an alternative approach to selling in the modern business environment.

Those who would particularly  benefit are:

What You Will Gain?

“The concept for the Reluctant Salesman sales process came about because when I started selling I never saw myself as a ‘natural salesperson’, I had entered the profession by accident and couldn’t understand why I was being so successful without doing all of the complicated things other salespeople seemed to need to do.”

Over the last 20 years, I have developed a sales approach that allows reluctant sellers to be authentic and true to themselves all while achieving far better results with less effort. 

The Power of Authenticity© programme is designed to transform the sales conversations and make sales meeting easier and more productive.

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