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About the courses

Sell powerfully with Our Team Training programmes.

All of our programmes are deliverable live online or in-house, and will be tailored to your product or service offering. We also offer optional follow on support.

The Power of Authenticity programme is perfect for anyone who is client facing and needs to learn how to manage sales meetings and create a powerful relationship in one meeting.

If you wish to build your client base then 10 New Clients will show you how to create a proactive sales campaign with a simple proven strategy unlike any traditional approach. 

Contact us today and we’ll set up a meeting to hear about your business and what you want it to achieve. We’ll then put together a tailored programme specifically designed for your team and provide you with a no-obligation quotation.-

The Power of Authenticity©

This programme creates ease and freedom and allows those who don’t see themselves as salespeople, or don’t wish to be perceived as salespeople, an effective approach with processes that they will feel comfortable adopting. 

There are no scripts or techniques involved, and yet this approach has been proven to work for anyone, irrespective of sector or experience.

Areas covered and elements that make up this programme include:

  • The secret of getting to trust in one meeting.
  • The only way to create a real distinction in a sales meeting.
  • The Four Keys to Sales Freedom© and how to apply them.
  • How to discuss fees and prices with ease.
  • How to be Chosen and the advantage gained.
  • How to create continuance following sales meetings.
  • Six months access to the full online version of the programme for each participant.
  • ….and much more

For more details and to receive a quotation without obligation contact us now.


10 New Clients©

This programme gives you everything needed to create a proactive sales campaign. 

All of the processes have been designed to allow you to choose your clients and contact them without embarrassment.

Areas covered and elements that make up this programme include:

  • How to employ The Pro-Active Advantage © to choose your clients.
  • The 3 Sales processes we can employ to engage with new clients.
  • The secret to creating personalised outreach sales material and templates.
  • How to achieve the same level of success as the top sales people without scripts, techniques and with less effort.
  • How to double your sales effectiveness.
  • The way to create simple client acquisition processes that work for any sector. 
  • Workbooks and campaign sheets.
  • Six months access to the full online version of the programme for each participant. 

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valued feedback

what our students say

"Terry offers an approach to sales which I can only describe as 'Not Selling'. He helps people responsible for selling products or services to not be an obstruction to the customer or client's decision making. A very refreshing approach to a very old profession"
Robin Narayan
Bates Millfield Financial Planning

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Executive Coaching and Mentoring

The Reluctant Salesman approach to sales is very different from traditional selling and this is reflected in Terry’s coaching.

Whether you wish to have more meaningful and productive sales meetings or build your client base, Terry’s coaching will show you how.

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Online Learning

Our online courses have been designed to work for all sectors and at all levels including sales teams who are looking for alternative ways to sell in a modern business environment.

Transform the way you sell with The Power of Authenticity© programme.

Get more clients with our 10 New Clients© programme.