TV REVIEW: Minimalism – A Documentary About The Important Things


This month’s review is a little different – and it could well change your life. Instead of a book, I would like to recommend a documentary I saw recently. It’s called ‘Minimalism: A Documentary About The Important Things’ and I watched it on Netflix but it’s also available on Vimeo, iTunes and Amazon.

Much of the film follows Joshua Fields Millburn and Ryan Nicodemus on a book tour across America, a very successful book tour because the book they were promoting has sold over 4 million copies. There are also some really interesting contributions from academics and people who have adopted the minimalist life style along the way.

To say that this film had an impact on me would be an understatement: it was like a bomb going off… I started to look at my home, my business, in fact my entire life, in a completely different way. This isn’t just another film about decluttering, although I’ve made six trips to the dump since I saw it. It’s more to do with not filling your life with rubbish and wasting your time, energy and money in the pursuit of more rubbish.

One contributor made the point that we don’t live in the size of house we need. Instead we see how much money we have or can borrow and buy the biggest place we can afford, then we spend more time and energy filling it with stuff we don’t need and seldom use. This makes no sense on a personal level and represents a potential disaster on the global level.

On my six trips to the dump I noticed every parking bay was occupied and as soon as one was free it was quickly filled. Everything that I and my fellow dumpers were throwing away was something we desired at one time but now it was just a problem.

Surprisingly, this is a very upbeat documentary with an important message that could just change your life – and that’s not something I say lightly.

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