Transform the way that you sell with The ‘Power of Authenticity’ Online Sales Programme.

Join Terry Mullins, creator of the unique Reluctant Salesman sales system to discover how to ditch the ‘Salesperson’ stereotype and sell with authenticity and ease.

About the course

Sell powerfully with the online course

Our 4 week live online learning programme will show you how to sell powerfully and effectively without resorting to outmoded and inappropriate sales techniques.

8 hours of live online learning for just £195 a saving of £100 on our usual price.

Just look at what’s included:

The Power of Authenticity Sales Programme. Online learning

This course is for you whether you’re new to sales or have been selling for years and are simply looking for an easier and more authentic approach.

It’s perfect for those who need to sell professional or technical services but just don’t see themselves as salespeople, and it doesn’t matter what sector you work in or what product or service you need to sell!

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what our students say

"Terry does exactly what it says on the tin - makes selling simple. He breaks down all the barriers, clears away the fog, and gives the profession of selling some much needed honesty and integrity. No matter how experienced you are in sales, time spent with Terry is invaluable."
Jeremy Squibb
Serenity Financial Planning Ltd

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