Do you hate selling your product & being seen as a pushy salespersonDo you hate selling your product & being seen as a pushy salesperson

Do you hate “selling” your products and being seen as a pushy salesperson?

Today’s clients are way savvier than they were 50 years ago, they know when people are being authentic and as a result trying too hard will detract from your perceived professionalism and that always makes things difficult.   The stereotype we are all up against is the idea of the pushy, aggressive, relentless salesman; loud voice, loud suit and endless persistence, a rigid stereotype that exists despite the total lack of evidence to sustain it.

Ask anyone about their worse sales experience in the last twelve months and if they’ve had one at all it will probably be with product delivery or quality and nothing at all to do with the salesperson who sold it. We are sold to everyday without any upset or drama but most of our impressions of how salespeople work is pure fantasy and given to us primarily by the movies or TV, but that doesn’t stop the stereotype from being rock solid.

We all love buying but we hate to be sold to and this makes us perceive selling where there is none; a shop assistant can ask us if we need any help and immediately we feel that we are being pressured; and it doesn’t matter what gender that they are; seemingly asking to help turns them into the Wolf of Wall Street.

A Reluctant Salesperson is not reluctant to sell; that would be crazy. A Reluctant Salesperson is reluctant to be seen as a typical salesperson and that robs them of free expression and ease in sales conversations. The archetypal salesperson is always male and that’s the stereotype all salespeople, irrespective of gender, are trying to work against. Once we understand that it’s amazing how quickly we can turn it to our advantage and transform the entire experience, both for ourselves and our clients.

The Reluctant Salesman method demystifies the whole process and makes selling simple, we have taken the focus away from the traditional persuasion model and instead focus on simple processes that anyone can do.

Selling products is also selling yourself. To successfully sell products, you must first make the salesperson learn to sell themselves. The training of your sales force is an important part of your enterprise marketing.

The place to start is by having all staff enroll in the course “The Power of Authenticity in Selling”.

The Power of Authenticity in Selling