The reluctant salesman

Terry Mullins
- Founder of The reluctant salesman

A Sales Approach That Changes The Rules.

Transforming sales for Business Professionals who see traditional selling as uncomfortable, ineffective or inappropriate for their clients.

No Gimmicks, No Jargon, No Scripts.

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What makes the Reluctant Salesman Different?

Whether it’s one of our online learning courses, Team Training programmes or Executive Coaching …

The Reluctant Salesman offers the only sales training we know of that was designed with Professional Service Providers and non-salespeople in mind.

In fact, in the last 2 decades, we’ve been able to transform selling for thousands of sales professionals and sales teams, as well as demonstrate the effectiveness and simplicity of our philosophy.

The Reluctant Salesman Brings Authenticity to Selling.

Transform the way you sell and tap into the Power of Authenticity© with our online sales programmes.

Join Terry Mullins, creator of the unique Reluctant Salesman sales system, to discover how to ditch the stereotype and sell authentically with ease.

This transformational programme will show you how to sell powerfully and effectively without resorting to outmoded and inappropriate traditional sales techniques.

Simple Selling

The new and affordable way to gain sales mastery with The Reluctant Salesman at a fraction of the normal cost.


‘Simple Selling’ Membership

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Why the Reluctant Salesman?

Pushy salespeople, cold callers and scripted telesales are not what selling should be about.

The Reluctant Salesman’s Power of Authenticity© approach to sales means all that has changed.

Over the last 20 years, the Reluctant Salesman, Terry Mullins, has developed a sales approach that allows reluctant sellers to be authentic and true to themselves all while achieving far better results with less effort.

Terry will show you that by being authentic and at ease you can connect with more clients and achieve outstanding results and all without a script in sight.

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what our clients say

"I have known and worked with Terry for many years now. His insight and expertise has always amazed me and his clarity and sincere wisdom has helped me on numerous occasions. I cannot thank him enough for all the help and support he has given to me and for all the pearls of wisdom I now use on a daily basis, I wholeheartedly recommend Terry to any serious business person
Adrian Taylor
Co-Founder Aawen Design

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Find out more about our services and how you can build your sales success with our proven sales approach. 

Change the way you sell with our Power of Authenticity© programme or create a powerful proactive sales campaign with our 10 New Clients© Programme.

Team Training

Face to Face sales training for your team

Transform the way your team sell with our ‘The Power of Authenticity©’ Sales Programme specifically designed for your team.

"No matter how experienced you are in sales, time spent with Terry is invaluable."

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