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In the modern business world traditional sales techniques can often appear inappropriate and ineffective.

At The Reluctant Salesman we offer an alternative to the ‘smoke and mirrors’ of traditional selling with an approach that is just as effective, but so simple that anyone can do it.


“Terry has helped me to see beyond the cliches of sales and focus on what is important to aid my business. Straight-forward coaching, advice and encouragement with no "one size fits all" attitude.”
Adrian Taylor, Aawen Design

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"Terry has a clear message and a straightforward method of conveying it. The skills he brings to sales training are essential for any business to learn. I would definitely recommend Terry to any client, friend or member of family because he is a great person too. If you want to create the freedom to sell - you should contact him"
Matthew Clarke, Kernow Pods

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"Brilliant! Are you a hypnotist? A revelation - it works! It has altered the whole way I work. Bottle it and sell more."
Fiona Vigar, FIV Archictecture

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"Terry made me look at sales in a completely different way. Highly recommended."
Marie Leggo, Ridgeberry Design

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