‘Creating the Freedom to Sell’ Ebook

If you thought that all sales training books were the same then think again.

This fresh new approach to selling, specifically created for those who really don’t want to be stereotypical sales people, is now available as a downloadable eBook. And if you buy ‘Creating The Freedom to Sell’ today you can also download a 32 page course workbook absolutely Free*.

Yes, all the power of this remarkable new approach to selling can be yours right now!     At the Reluctant Salesman we believe that the ability to sell with ease comes about with development in only two key areas: Freedom and process, and that is exactly what the ‘Creating The Freedom to Sell’ eBook will enable you to create.

At last! Something different, a radically new approach to selling that anyone can feel comfortable adopting.

How many times have you been told that all you need is a ‘positive attitude’? Well they can keep saying it but without the freedom to communicate your thoughts and ideas and the processes in place to support you in following through then you will still struggle to sell.

In this book you will discover…

  • The only three reasons we resist selling
  • That selling is fundamentally simple and requires no special talent that you do not already posses.
  • The wonderful truth about customers
  • How to charge higher prices and still sell more product­
  • The Four Keys to sales freedom
  • and much, much more……………

*Once you have placed your order send ‘WORKBOOK’ via our contact form and we shall send you your free workbook download.