What kind of training would best suit you?

Whether it’s a one-day workshop designed to equip you with all you need to immediately acquire new clients, or a programme designed to turn a workforce into a salesforce, we have just the thing!

  • ’10 New Clients’

    What would finding ten new clients in the next 6-12 months do your business….?

    Business becomes a lot easier when you choose the clients, instead of waiting for the clients to choose you. This inspirational one-day client acquisition workshop will give you the tools you need to do just that, to identify and sign exactly the sort of customers you really want to work with.

    There are no techniques to be learned, no scripts and no role-playing; just simple processes you will feel comfortable following that will lead inevitably to your success.

    • One-day workshop with all support material supplied.
    • Follow on 1-2-1 meeting to help you implement this radical new approach to your business.
    • Fully CPD accredited.

    ’10 New Clients’ really does make selling simple.

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  • ‘Creating The Freedom To Sell’

    Every business has a choice; it can be fulfillment focused, or it can be sales focused.

    Providing your product or service is what your business does; selling your product or service is why your business exists.

    ‘Creating The Freedom To Sell’ is our in-house training programme, designed to transform a workforce into a salesforce.

    Modern business requires those who do not see themselves as salespeople, or who have any wish to be salespeople, have to take on that role. They are by definition Reluctant.


Experience has shown us that the benefits of this programe are tangible and immediate.

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