Creating the Freedom to Sell

“Just because the ability to sell is the single most important factor
in the success or failure of your business doesn’t mean it has to be difficult”.

  • At The Reluctant Salesman we believe that selling is fundamentally simple and our unique training programs are designed to prove it.

    We create The Freedom to Sell for you and your business not by some new technique but by adopting an innovative and unique approach to the whole process of client acquisition and sales creation.


  • Everything we do at The Reluctant Salesman grows out of four core beliefs:

    1. The ability to ‘sell’ is the fundamental prerequisite for individual and corporate success.
    2. Selling is Simple.
    3. Anyone can sell effectively
    4. Sales success is not determined by outside forces.

Whats in a name?

A reluctant salesman isn’t somebody who doesn’t want to make sales (that would be silly), a reluctant salesman is someone who wants to sell but doesn’t want to be seen as a stereotypical sales person.

No role play, no tricks, no pressure, just more sales

No matter what goods or services you want to sell,
this will work for you!

  • The Founder

    Terry Mullins has worked in sales for over twenty years in different industries and at different levels.
    The one constant has been that he has been amongst the top sales people in every company he has ever worked with.

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  • The Business

    The Reluctant Salesman was founded in London in 2002 and from the outset the unique approach to the sales process advocated in our programs has been met with real enthusiasm by the thousands of individuals and companies that have undertaken the training.